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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Surprise Nature Trail, Surprise 6 mile PCPR! :)

I spent the weekend in Maryland visiting my cousins.  It was so much fun getting to spend time with the girl's at my cousin's baby shower.  I then drove down to meet up with D for his college roommate's wedding and then drove back to Baltimore that night! Crazy! It was so much fun, but I am glad to be home now! 

Sunday morning I went for a run from my Aunt and Uncle's house.  Its my usual route that I take when Im there, down the streets and eventually getting to a local park.  My goal was to get about five miles done. but I found a nature trail while I was there that was a great treat! I got such an energy rush running through the woods. Its the best and really is where I feel most at home! Once I got back on the pavement I was pretty drained though.  I was pretty dehydrated from the day before and felt pretty sluggish on my way back.  

Despite what a rough run it was, I did end up with a PCPR (Post College Personal Record) for my run though!! Woohoo! 

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