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1.  How did you get into personal training?

Read the About Me and My Fitness Journey sections :)

2. How long have you been a vegetarian?

Since March of 1997!!

3.  What kind of vegetarian are you?

I am a lacto-vegetarian.  Every once in a while I'll eat eggs, but its seldom, and only from my family's farm raised, organic, free range chickens!!

4.  Do you eat fish or seafood?

Nope.  I never have in fact.  There is an iodine allergy that runs in my family so we never ate shellfish growing up and I don't like the smell of fish.

5.  So...what do you eat??!!

I get asked this ALL THE TIME.  I eat everything else...just no meat! I eat lots of vegetables, pasta, some dairy, CHOCOLATE :)

6.  How do you eat out at restaurants?

Usually the people I go with worry about it more than I do. I am always able to find something to eat (although, Applebees is a ridiculously hard place to eat so I wont go there).  There may be a few adjustments, but overall its not that hard!!

7.  Will you raise your children vegetarian?

Kiddos can be pretty picky and their individual nutritional needs will be a priority so Im leaving my options open!

8.  Where do you get your protein?

Dairy and beans, soy, and vegetables have more than you think!!

9.  WHY are you a vegetarian?

When I was younger my mom started to get sick whenever she had meat.  Her doctor told her that her body stopped producing the enzymes needed to digest meat so she stopped eating it.  I did too.

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