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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Running on my wedding day!

God bless my dear running friend, Katie. She agreed to meet me at 7am to go running the morning of my wedding.  My bridesmaids were going to come, but two of them were feeling under the weather and one of them has two little ones (my ring bearer and flower girl) so it was just Katie and I. I stopped off at a convenience store to get some water because I forgot mine and wanted to stay hydrated on my big day.  The lady ringing me up was sweet and chit chatty and asked what I had planned for the day and why I was up so early on a Saturday. I told her I was getting married and she just squealed and gave me a hug. It was so sweet. 

Then it was off to meet Katie at our favorite trail. We had a great 5mi run (we kept it somewhat slow and steady so as not to risk a stumble or injury!!). After that I went back over to the winery to set up before it was time to shower and get ready with my girls!!

Thank you so much Katie, for being such a great friend and running buddy! XOXO!

PS, next time I post I'll be MRS BENDER!!! Ahhhh so thankful!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Last Miss Kettlebell Class!

I had a great kettle bell class this morning! The last one before the wedding!! I was so shocked and surprised that a couple of ladies who used to come to my evening Kettlebell class showed up this morning to say hi and wish me well!  So sweet!! 

After a great sweat session I headed out to unload stuff at the winery and then started meeting up with  my awesome friends and family.  Bailey and I went to get our nails done since I didnt have any other workouts to do that would mess them up! 

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

boredom busting routines

When your routine gets too...well... Routine.

A somewhat common complaint about the gym is that members become bored with their workouts. They may have gotten a brief training on the machines and stuck with those for the past year or so and are so sick of them they cant find any motivation to come in. The same ol' same ol' has taken its toll on their workouts.  This is one of the reasons why variety is so important in your workouts, besides all of the physiological benefits!

A few of my clients traveled out of town for a number of weeks this past year. Depending on their goals and their experience level, I set them up with some workouts that allowed them to add their own variety into their plan.  It was kind of a buffet set up where they can pick 2 from each column of exercises (I made sure to use ones that they know of course!!) and build up their own workout for the day. This also allowed for flexibility in case their destination had different equipment.

You can try this in your own with workouts from magazines, construct a library of muscle group exercises so you can pick and choose different ones. You can also contact me and I'd be happy to set you up with a plan of exercises. Many of my clients comment on how much they love their sessions because I keep them guessing about what we will be doing, which keeps the workouts frsh. Near or far we can get you on a plan to reach your goals without doing the same thing over and over. The advantage to seeking a trainer's expertise of course is that you make sure he exercises are appropriate for you (your goals, your injuy considerations,etc),  that you are doing them with prioer form, and in a safe order (yes, the order that you do the e excuses in DOES matter!).

A view I would not get tired of seeing every day!