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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Half Marathoning for Two!

Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon is in the books! This was my fourth half, but my first one pregnant and it went really great! The weather was cloudy with an occasional drizzle so it was pretty perfect. There had been 15-25mph winds all weekend but luckily they died down for most of the race. 

I made it a priority to fuel really, really well since the other times that I haven't have led to miserable races. Being 15 weeks pregnant made it even more crucial that I ate well. 

Getting drizzled on at the start! 

Mile 12! 

One medal for me and one for baby! 

I stopped my GPS timer while in long lines to pee (twice!! #pregnancybladder....) so this is more accurate than my chip time. Well off my previous half marathon times (more than 30 min!!) for good reason. I took it nice and slow and felt great the whole way. My knees have been cranky the last two days but not as bad as previously. My back is a bit sore which I haven't had happen before but nothing some foam rolling can't help. 

So What's next? 
I have a 5k this coming Saturday to support my college roommate who lost her daughter in July to Dravet's Syndrome. I'm taking it easy this week just teaching Kettlebells today and then probably a pool run on Thursday.  

Next up on the race schedule is the Marine Corps 10k in late October in DC. Other than that my plan is to just keep moving as much as possible and staying healthy and safe. :) 
My sister in law gave me a prenatal Pilates DVD that I am eager to start doing and I'd love to be more deliberate about incorporating yoga. 

I'm so thankful that I was able to do this race and have been able to continue running this far.