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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trainer Tip Tuesday

Today's tip? Simple. Work hard. I am so thankful for the many blessing I have and am particularly grateful to have a job where I focus on improving the lives of my clients and class participants. I have recently started training some new clients and am thrilled to have them start training. Their workouts have been tailored specifically to meet their individual needs safely and effectively to reach their goals.

So wether its building your personal training business or working hard through training sessions, focus on your goals (short and long term) and work hard!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Upper Body Squeeze!

So that was today's quick "me" workout.  I had taught Athletic Conditioning and wanted to squeeze in an upper body workout before teaching Core and Cardio Conditioning class.  Its sometimes a challenge when you teach soooo many group exercise classes and an erratic schedule to get in high quality workouts for yourself. Thankfully, I have been sticking with my upper body 2-3 days per week goal which I set for myself to get my back and arms more toned for my wedding dress. Crazy that we're just over 4 months away from getting married!!!! :)

I ran out of time for chest and triceps and some additional shoulder work but I'll get that in later.