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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back to running!

Today was the first day back to running for me. I figured since I have my next Dr appt tomorrow I should try out my knee. I went to a softball field loop near UVA that I like a lot. I only got about 1.8miles in before pain started so I stopped at 2 miles. It wasn't far and it wasn't fast, but it was great to be back out running. Hopefully I'll get some good news tomorrow!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cookie Craziness!

If you know me you know I love to bake. I don't do it all that often, but I love to make cookies and cupcakes.  Our dear friends Nick and Kristina gave me a great cookbook for my birthday, Martha Stewart Cookies! I have looked and looked at it and finally broke it out to make two of the recipes inside. The occasion? D has a hockey tournament this weekend in Maryland.  Being the helpful girlfriend that I am, I wanted to make him some treats to take. 

As a side note, I always wanted to make my recipes more healthy even when I was an adolescent. I remember the first time I found out that applesauce can in some cases help reduce the fat and calories in recipes I tried it all the a substitute for almost was bad. I would see how much butter I could take out and still get the same results...I would change lots of things.  Usually the treats were still edible...sometimes...not so much.

Peanut Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Cookies
Because D is going to have so many hockey games this weekend I wanted to fix him something that would give him some energy in addition to being sweet. We picked the Peanut-Chocolate Chip & Cinnamon cookies (pg 179).   I chopped up the peanuts and took out 1/2 cup of the chocolate chips simply because I ran out so the calories are a little less than those noted. 
Snickerdoodles with Ground Flaxseed
While those cookies were chilling in the refrigerator I began making the Snickerdoodles.  I remembered at that point that I could use the Ground Flaxseed I had been keeping in the pantry to add additional protein, Omega-3s and fiber.  I substituted 1/2 cup of the flour with Ground Flaxseed and added 1 additional tablespoon of water as the flaxseed box suggested. I also reeducated the baking time by about 2 minutes.
I made about 5.5 dozen PCC&C Cookies and 4 dozen Snickerdoodles (although the recipe said I'd only get 20...?!). Unfortunately our oven isn't the best and although I kept the temp the same, the heat cranked up and 1.5 dozen of the PCC&C Cookies are burned on the bottom. :( I reduced the oven heat and checked my thermometer again before putting in the last of the Snickerdoodles and reduced their bake time too. 

Hopefully these will keep him happy and full and ready to kick butt in his games!! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ab Exercises: Back in Action!

After a hiatus from teaching my Kettlebell classes it was great to be back today! I wasn't feeling well at all but once I walked in and saw so many people ready to get a great workout it really helped motivate me to do my best. I am constantly amazed at how much motivation and inspiration I get from my clients and my class participants. I get so much encouragement from seeing them! I have so many clients who impress me in so many ways, their character, their dedication to their workouts, their dedication to their families, their work ethics...its awesome.  I truly love working with them and getting to know them. Its an added bonus that I get to help them reach their goals!

Anyway, I probably overdid it on the squats early on during the class and then had to take it super easy on the lunges later on. At least my lesson plan for today didn't call for any swings (since I had a bunch of new people!).  The ab section was of course the best. Its always my favorite part! I then taught Core Conditioning right after Kettlebells so Im sure I'll feel that tomorrow!

I am subbing for another instructor tomorrow, taking over her Bootcamp class on Wednesdays. I used to teach that class this past winter and spring so it will be my class again.  I am excited to teach it again!

My allergies are finally getting a little better so I am hoping that I will sleep better tonight! Between my knee and these allergies its been hard to get enough sleep!

Try a Few of my Favorite Ab Exercises: 

Crunches on the BOSU
Ab Rollout with the Stability Ball

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Recipe of the week! Beluga Salad!

The other day I was at Target and found a packet of Archer Farms Black Beluga Lentils.  They have been sitting in the pantry waiting to be used and yesterday I finally brainstormed an idea for them. I was craving some veggies so I made corn and peas then microwaved the lentils (package directions said to microwave 90 seconds and they were ready!!). They didn't smell the best, but once they were mixed in with the corn and peas they weren't noticeable. I then made about a cup of couscous with 1 tsp olive oil (although I think Quinoa would be great with it too), put about 1.5 tbsp lime juice and and 2 tbsp of olive oil.  After mixing it all together I spooned in into a bowl and added parmesan cheese on top.  It was soooo good!! And lots of protein (4 oz of the lentils have 21g protein!!)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nike Half Marathon: Finished!!

Finished!! If I ever thought I was in pain during the Savannah Half Marathon I was sadly mistaken. This race definitely took the cake on that one. I was in a lot of pain throughout the race and almost stopped at mile 10.  Dean was supposed to meet me there but due to the metro's construction/business/craziness wasn't able to get there. At mile 8 I decided I'd meet up with him and talk about wether or not I should finish but I got there and knew he probably would just be at the finish instead.  I saw a medical tent at a little past the 10 mile mark and almost stopped. By that point not only was my knee awful but I was so nauseous from the pain that I really needed to throw up. I kept on hobbling along though, knowing I only had about 3 miles left to do. I skipped, walked, galloped, ran, whatever to get that done. I finished in a surprising 2:07 which I thought was great considering how painful and slow I was for the last 50% of the run. I immediately went into the medical tent for a bit and then met up with Dean further down the line. We went to get ice and sit for a bit. I was still very nauseous though so after I iced my knees for a while and took photos (which look pretty good considering how awful I felt!!!!) we made our way to get my gear bag and to the metro.

The metro ride was terrible, I felt so bad. I am so glad I have the most supportive boyfriend ever though who was so helpful and took care of me. We made it back to the hotel, Dean had consolidated the ice to one bag so I'd have the other one to throw up in if needed.  Which came in handy because I only made it to the hallway of our room before I did so.  Ugh.

I spent the rest of the day feeling awful and in a lot of pain as we drove back home.

At least I made it though! And I have a really pretty necklace to show for it!! :)