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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nike Half Marathon: Finished!!

Finished!! If I ever thought I was in pain during the Savannah Half Marathon I was sadly mistaken. This race definitely took the cake on that one. I was in a lot of pain throughout the race and almost stopped at mile 10.  Dean was supposed to meet me there but due to the metro's construction/business/craziness wasn't able to get there. At mile 8 I decided I'd meet up with him and talk about wether or not I should finish but I got there and knew he probably would just be at the finish instead.  I saw a medical tent at a little past the 10 mile mark and almost stopped. By that point not only was my knee awful but I was so nauseous from the pain that I really needed to throw up. I kept on hobbling along though, knowing I only had about 3 miles left to do. I skipped, walked, galloped, ran, whatever to get that done. I finished in a surprising 2:07 which I thought was great considering how painful and slow I was for the last 50% of the run. I immediately went into the medical tent for a bit and then met up with Dean further down the line. We went to get ice and sit for a bit. I was still very nauseous though so after I iced my knees for a while and took photos (which look pretty good considering how awful I felt!!!!) we made our way to get my gear bag and to the metro.

The metro ride was terrible, I felt so bad. I am so glad I have the most supportive boyfriend ever though who was so helpful and took care of me. We made it back to the hotel, Dean had consolidated the ice to one bag so I'd have the other one to throw up in if needed.  Which came in handy because I only made it to the hallway of our room before I did so.  Ugh.

I spent the rest of the day feeling awful and in a lot of pain as we drove back home.

At least I made it though! And I have a really pretty necklace to show for it!! :)

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