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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nike Half Marathon: Expo!

Saturday evening we walked around Georgetown to pick up my race packet (which includes the bib number you wear on race day and samples of stuff) and go to the expo.  I was so excited about this and aside from the long walk from the metro station to the center it didn't' disappoint. It was only about 15 minutes, which considering I was going to be running 13.1 the next day doesn't seem bad right? Except that my knee was already bothering me big time. By the time we walked around the small expo and tried to find a place to eat I was close to tears. I was also so nervous about how much pain I'd be in on race day (again!) that I was really anxious.

It was difficult finding somewhere to eat, we ended up in a weird little place.  There was a special on the menu for Couscous and Quinoa salad which I thought would be perfect (carb + protein!! yet!!). But what they really meant was spinach with a smallllll amount of couscous and some quinoa tails. It was awful. But I ate it anyway because I knew I'd need some kind of fuel for tomorrow.

Then we walked back to the metro to go back to our hotel and rest up for the next day!

They added all of our names onto the wall outside of the Nike Georgetown store

The lighted green behind us is the course we ran

Race map, bib and a special moment to pin on my shirt in memory of my Dad!

Super awesome message from a super awesome boyfriend :) 

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