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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Last training run!

Today was my last "real" training run before my half marathon this Sunday.  I am so excited! I met up with my friend Katie and we tackled the beautiful Monticello Trail for about four miles. The pollen was really terrible, but other than that we had a great time with wonderful weather.

This was  nice easy run at a slow pace.  Its awesome how little these runs take out of me! I feel like I could just go on out for another 10 or so right now!

I also taught Athletic Conditioning today so my legs were a little more tired that I would have planned on but that was my own fault for putting so many lunges in my class plan today! Sorry guys! Don't worry, as expected there was a lot of core work too!

Tomorrow is a rest day, although in my life Thursdays are softball days so I'll try to take it easy except for that!! Friday should be pretty relaxed and an actual rest day before we go up to DC on Saturday.  I'll be walking a lot at the expo and around DC so I'll try to only get about 2 miles in to loosen up a bit.

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