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Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Funday Run with Georgia!

I had a great run today with my sweet lab Georgia. She hasn't been able to go on many runs with me lately since she cut her leg back in March. We had an easy four miler today after teaching Core Conditioning this morning.

I bought her a back pack I found at Homegoods like this one: back pack for dogs
Unfortunately it just doesn't fit well and looked kind of uncomfortable. I will have to wait and get her the better ones that have a full harness around the front that seems more cushioned. She didn't act like she minded, but it looked a little weird. I took it off for the middle 3 miles as we did a loop so I could pick it back up with a 1/2 mile left.

I'd like to get her a nicer one like the Outward Hound brand for hiking. She seemed to really enjoy having a job even if the only thing I put in the pocket was a spare pet waste bag!

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