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Saturday, April 27, 2013

DC: Less than 24 hours left!

Less than 24 hours til the Nike Half Marathon in DC! I'm so incredibly excited!

I woke up this morning, had my usual breakfast of Frosted Mini Wheats (I can't help it, I love it!!) and straightened my hair, painted my nails and started packing! Sounds reallllly girly, but whatever. It has a purpose.

While my fingernails are painted Tiffany blue (which will make sense tomorrow), I painted my toes royal blue for Boston.  Carry me swiftly!

This race is crazy important to me, more on that later, but especially after what happened at the Boston Marathon, its even more crucial to remember how blessed we are to be able to do things like this.  It goes beyond being thankful that we are PHYSICALLY able to run 13.1 miles as many people are not (beyond those who just think they cant).  We are blessed to live in a country where we are able, as females, to go out and run on our own and have that kind of freedom and sense of peace. Even when it is threatened, it brings an awareness to how we so often take for granted our serene, peaceful, gorgeous running trails that all in all, are really quite safe.

Someone was asking me how I thought runners were dealing with the tragedy of Boston, if they were mourning or crying, how they were dealing with the grief.  I looked at her and said simply, "Runners are runners, they go running." Running to celebrate life, running to remember life.  Running to enjoy life and to challenge it.

We run.  Sometimes with blue toes  :o)

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