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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ab Exercises: Back in Action!

After a hiatus from teaching my Kettlebell classes it was great to be back today! I wasn't feeling well at all but once I walked in and saw so many people ready to get a great workout it really helped motivate me to do my best. I am constantly amazed at how much motivation and inspiration I get from my clients and my class participants. I get so much encouragement from seeing them! I have so many clients who impress me in so many ways, their character, their dedication to their workouts, their dedication to their families, their work ethics...its awesome.  I truly love working with them and getting to know them. Its an added bonus that I get to help them reach their goals!

Anyway, I probably overdid it on the squats early on during the class and then had to take it super easy on the lunges later on. At least my lesson plan for today didn't call for any swings (since I had a bunch of new people!).  The ab section was of course the best. Its always my favorite part! I then taught Core Conditioning right after Kettlebells so Im sure I'll feel that tomorrow!

I am subbing for another instructor tomorrow, taking over her Bootcamp class on Wednesdays. I used to teach that class this past winter and spring so it will be my class again.  I am excited to teach it again!

My allergies are finally getting a little better so I am hoping that I will sleep better tonight! Between my knee and these allergies its been hard to get enough sleep!

Try a Few of my Favorite Ab Exercises: 

Crunches on the BOSU
Ab Rollout with the Stability Ball

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