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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Running on my wedding day!

God bless my dear running friend, Katie. She agreed to meet me at 7am to go running the morning of my wedding.  My bridesmaids were going to come, but two of them were feeling under the weather and one of them has two little ones (my ring bearer and flower girl) so it was just Katie and I. I stopped off at a convenience store to get some water because I forgot mine and wanted to stay hydrated on my big day.  The lady ringing me up was sweet and chit chatty and asked what I had planned for the day and why I was up so early on a Saturday. I told her I was getting married and she just squealed and gave me a hug. It was so sweet. 

Then it was off to meet Katie at our favorite trail. We had a great 5mi run (we kept it somewhat slow and steady so as not to risk a stumble or injury!!). After that I went back over to the winery to set up before it was time to shower and get ready with my girls!!

Thank you so much Katie, for being such a great friend and running buddy! XOXO!

PS, next time I post I'll be MRS BENDER!!! Ahhhh so thankful!

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