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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pre-wedding beauty

Ive never had much of a "beauty routine".  In college, I was terrible to my poor face and would sleep with my make up on.  Gross. It wasn't until my junior year that my roommates introduced me to more cleansers and moisturizers than I had ever seen! I still probably used the wrong stuff but fortunately Ive been blessed with great skin. 

Now that Ive gotten a tiny itty bitty bit older I am much better about my skin, particularly my face. I rarely forget to wear sunscreen, and I always take my makeup off at night. I usually just a mascara and eye shadow girl, but if Im doing something else or if its date night I wear a powder foundation and maybe a little more shadow.  

Preparing for the wedding I really wanted to make sure my skin was in top shape. I fell in love with the Simple brand of cleansing cloths. They are perfect for after runs and workouts when I don't have time to take a shower but don't want that crap on my face for the next few hours. They are also great for getting make up off and don't dry my skin out.  I really think they helped keep my skin in great shape before the wedding. 

I read lots of reviews on masks. I couldn't afford to have a facial so I looked at reviews and talked to some professionals about the next best thing.  I couldn't afford that either. So I searched out some options and settled on this mask.  The directions say you can use it 2x per week and I used it 1x per week for the first two weeks and then the last week I used it 2x during wedding week. I liked it, although the scent was a bit strong. I did look at some DIY masks on Pinterest but just didn't have time to make them. I like the idea of something a bit more organic, so maybe in the future I'll try some of those out! 

I also picked up a new body scrub.  I knew going into it I wanted to exfoliate and moisturize my skin to keep it smooth and soft so I found this great one at Ulta.  I really like it a lot and will continue using it for a long time. 

Im also a multi tasker.  There was one night when I had my Crest Whitestrips in, a mask on my face and was exfoliating with the scrub.  Thankfully I didn't confuse which product went where! :) 

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