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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Honeymoon Recap: Traveling gym workouts

While we were pretty active on our trip with ziplining, horseback riding, hiking, etc, we made sure we went to the gym on the resort to stay with our routine. I cant tell you the number of times my clients will say they had a hard time getting back into their workouts at home because they didn't stick with the routine while away.
For me, wanting to stay in a routine goes a step further because I teach so many classes each week. Yes, I need to give my body a break, but I also need to stay in shape so when I come back to work, I can still deliver a quality class. Because I tend to be really tough on my body with the number of workouts and classes I do during the week, I did take a break from strength training.  For D, its very  much the same in that he plays ice hockey and to take two weeks off from working out would take a toll on his performance. So he worked out a little more intensely than I did with weights.  I went to the gym three times while I was there (shocking to have done so little!!) and did cardio and some Abdominal work and stretching.
When I got back to teaching upon my return I was pretty sore from Kettlebell class but my body felt really good having had a break from weights.  I was very glad I had continued to workout, however!!!
For breakfast I tried to eat as healthy as possible.  Luckily at the first resort in Guanacaste it wasn't too hard. They had some great healthy options on the menu, from the gluten free pancakes I already talked about to an egg white omelet.  We went to the grocery store in the town of Tamarindo and purchased protein packed snacks to keep us going while there too.

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