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Monday, August 26, 2013

One workout away!

Ok, I admit it.  Sometimes, every now and then, I occasionally don't really feel like teaching a class.  I know, I know, I am supposed to be a model of promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging others to make fitness a habit and a "must do" part of their daily routine.  But every once in a while I don't really wanna. Take this morning for example. I had an incredibly frustrating evening yesterday with some computer issues and am now even further behind on a project than I was yesterday morning. Then I had really weird dreams that make me feel like I was up all night. I mean really weird...and not good.

So I get ready to go to the gym to teach, already a little draggy, and I realized my notebook that I keep a lot of my class plans in was not in my car, it was at my other gym.  Now I have to come up with a class plan while on what feels like, very little sleep.  Ugh!

Luckily, through my limited creative abilities this morning, memories of college athletics, and a little help from the Nike Training Club App I put together a KILLER Athletic Conditioning workout.  With minimal equipment it would be great for traveling!!

It went like this:

Its amazing how much better I feel now! Much more refreshed and recharged and I feel like I can really tackle my project now.  I love how a workout can do that!!!

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