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Friday, February 13, 2015

Two-a-days in Sunny Florida

Good morning from beautiful St Augustine, Florida!!  While the husband was off at work I walked the beach before settling in to study for a bit. 

After studying I hit up the gym for a core workout before D returned and we left for Ponte Vedra, Fl

Here's most of what I did, along why cardio intervals. 3 sets of 15 of everything. Side planks were 1 min each and no break in between sides!! Try to perform a smooth transition without letting your knees hit the floor and staying stable through your hips. 

We stopped to grab lunch before heading up A1A. Yummy avocado, provolone, tomato and sprouts sandwich for lunch. 

We stopped off at Publix just before getting to the Sawgrass Marriott Resort to get some healthy snacks. Once we were settled in D wanted to get a workout in so I joined him at the fitness center for some cardio intervals while he did weights. There's a great view from the fitness center :) 

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