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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

20 min Cardio Intervals

Im on a roll lately! Heres another great, quick workout to get you in and out of the gym when you don't have a lot of time.

I came down with a bad cold (which you may have read about in my previous posts) while in Florida. So one day I was out running 6 miles in the 60 degree sun and then Saturday I was knocked out by this cold. I still managed to workout Fri and Saturday but Sunday was a disaster and a travel day to boot.  Monday I all I could manage was to try and stay hydrated and fueled.  I started to feel better today and after training a few clients I hopped on the arc trainer to see how I felt. It was one of those "tell yourself its only for 10 minutes" plans and it went great.  After I was finished I had another client to train and then a small group.  I took the small group to a group exercise class that was dance based.  I don't dance. So you can imagine how that went. I was pretty much off the entire class and was just baffled at why my body cant move like that. I mean really, Im a former collegiate athlete! I took ballet and gymnastics as a kid! I sang in the choir! How could this not go well? But we had fun none the less and my Garmin heart rate monitor told me we burned 275 calories during the 45 min class. I kept my intensity very low because of recovering from my cold, so I am sure it would have been much more if I had given it my all.  And been on the beat.

What I did love, was the feeling of not knowing what I was doing and getting another small dose of that intimidation factor that many of my clients and new gym members feel all of the time. I am very sympathetic and reassuring to those members as a rule, but its always a nice reminder to physically and emotionally get into their shoes.  A dance class is definitely not something I would do on my own and is thoroughly out of my comfort zone but Im so glad I did it and had a great time with the group! 

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