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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Speed workouts

While Im not currently training for any race in particular (though hope to find one soon!), keeping speed workouts in the weekly mix is very important. Its also a fun way of adding variety to your normal routine.

Typically, speed workouts are midweek, since long runs are usually on the weekends, but I'll post about them today anyway :) This workout that I've done is mainily for increasing 5k speed. A usual warm up around the track consists of me running the "wrong" way along the very outside or the far lane for two laps (1/2 mile) and then some pick ups (gradualy increasing the speed and length of stride over 100m) and dynamic movements (high knees, C-skips, bounding, etc). I'll then run another 2 laps at a medium effort to get my body ready for the speed work to come.

Then onto the workout: a series of 400m runs faster than 5k race pace with 200m slow jog recovery. Mine for example, if my ideal 5k pace was 8 min/miles, I am running the 400's with a goal of 1 min 50 seconds. I'll do between 4-8 of these depending on how much time I have, the temperature/humidity, how I'm feeling, etc.

After the speedwork, I'll then jog another mile or so, making each lap a little slower to cool down while contemplating my sanity.

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