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Sunday, November 2, 2014

No Excuses November

No Excuses? None? At all? 

This November I want to stay on track.  Im pretty sure you do too. A great way is to sign up for a turkey trot or a jingle bell run held around Thanksgiving and in through December.

There are tons of great ways to incorporate workouts into your day and I want to share some with you. Because believe it or not, I do realize that not everyone gets paid to workout out like I do :)

I would love to help you learn great ways to fit your workouts in and awesome workouts to do.

This is a challenge you can make as public or keep as private as you want! Set a goal for yourself.  Examples?
1. I want to run 3x per week each week of November
2. I want to run 60 miles in the month of November
3. I want to improve my 5k time by 15 seconds in November (you don't have to do an organized 5k, you can time yourself on your own)

Or, if you need more motivation in another area of fitness, try some of these:
1.  I want to do 4 yoga classes this month (one per week)
2. I am going to strength train 8 times this month (2x per week)
3. I am going to stretch after each run for 15 minutes.

Food/diet related goals:
1. If you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian or eating less meat overall but aren't ready to commit to the full thing, try maybe making 3 meat free meals each week.
2. I will eat 80g of protein each day (or whatever your goal should be-ask me or a nutritionist to find out how much you should be eating!)
3. I'll eat 3 servings of fruits or vegetables each meal
4. I'll drink 6 glasses of water each day.

Do any of these appeal to you? Give yourself an incentive  (guilt free pumpkin pie works for me!! as does a new workout outfit from black friday sales!!).

Email me or comment below with what your goal is if you'd like. It really does help accountability to have it out in the open somewhere. Id love to hear your progress!
Make a checkmark on your calendar or planner each day or time that you get closer to your goal. Stay  on track, no excuses. You can always find little ways to be active and more healthy even if your original plans have to be tweaked a bit.

Have fun!

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