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Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday motivation

Ever have that feeling? We know about the "runner's high" effect that some people experience while out running.  We know we feel better after we exercise, and that we sleep better too.  But what really makes running have a great effect on mood and changing our days? 

What you are aiming for is the release of endocannabinoids which give you that mood boost. These hormones can be released after just 30 min on a treadmill (walking or running). The additional long term benefits such as improved self esteem and confidence come from making that routine a habit.  Even more reason to continue your routine? Mood boosting effects can help turn around not just a bad day but can also improve depression.*

Regular exercise, such as running, also improves sleep which can enhance mood and concentration, as well as energy levels.  Which makes sense, we all feel better when we sleep better!! 

How much regular exercise for these benefits? Try for at least here times per week of at least 30 minutes. 

*Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 2006

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