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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snowy Evening Runs

 Beautiful sunlight on my way back down to meet my running buddy.
Gorgeous sunset over the frozen pond

I've been trying to step up my cardio and long runs lately so I texted my running buddy to see if she wanted to add in a run Friday evening in addition to our usual weekend run.  She was up for it but a work committment delayed her arrival. I had planned on getting there early anyway, so I decided to just go ahead and run the trail up and back until her arrival.  It was definitely a lot more chilly than I had thought, I was only wearing capris and then a short sleeved and long sleeved top.  Luckily I texted her that and she showed up well dressed and with an extra technical top and gloves for me too!!! It was a fantastic surprise that she had extra clothes for me!!!  We ran up and back and had, as always, a fantastic time chatting and talking about life. Having a good running buddy is such a blessing!!!!!

I ended up with 8.5 miles total which is great and my knee only needed a little ice afterwards and was good to go!!!

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