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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fitness Apparel

I've been wanting to get some new workout clothes since I wear mine ALL the time and could use a few new pieces. I am always looking to find a good deal as well, since there's always a budget to think about!!  :)  I have heard that as a Fitness Professional I can get a 30% off discount at Athleta, but its only "in store" and although they have one in Richmond, that's still about an hour away and I don't get over that way much.  Aside from buying my wedding dress that is :) :)

I have heard also that Reebok does a program for Fitness Professionals so I just signed up for that too.  More info and a review to come!!!

The coolest part of this post is about my recent purchase though!!

I just ordered myself a new outfit from Fabletics. You may have seen it featured in Shape Magazine with Kate Hudson. She founded this great company which makes athletic clothing (with amazing reviews).  You log on and fill out a few questions (what do you most like to do for exercise? run? yoga? lift weights? etc, where do you like to exercise? yoga studio? indoors? outdoors, etc) and they instantly give you outfit recommendations PLUS 50% off their VIP pricing.  There are some insanely cute outfits on there. I ordered their Lima Capris and a long sleeved Desio top. I can't WAIT for them to arrive!!!  There is also a referral program, so if you don't mind, use the link below to take a look!! :)

Click here to check it out!

I'll be sure to post reviews once I receive my new gear!!!!


  1. I would like to suggest that you contact to blue fish sport as they are providing various types of fitness apparels for both men and women and I have recently came across this site on internet.

  2. Hi Sheila! I've heard of them but haven't looked yet. I'll definitely check them out! Thank you!!!

  3. Thanks for your suggestions! Have to buy work out clothes as well but I am someone who has limited knowledge of fashion and trends. Looking for reputed brands or stores offering comfortable clothing at discounts.