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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Quick dinner idea

A super quick dinner.  It may not look that great to many of my readers, but it was pretty tasty!

I get home really late at night sometimes and making a healthy dinner is frequently a challenge.  I use Steamfresh vegetables frequently and saw that there was a Steamfresh broccoli and pasta mix the last time I was in the store.  I heated that up and had some of the carrots my fantastic fiancé made carrots to go along with his dinner.  I still needed an additional protein source so I had some baked beans in the cabinet that I opened and heated.

This was a great, healthy, quick meal with a pretty solid amount of protein.  Many of my clients have heard me harp on them about eating frozen meals, and in an ideal world, we wouldn't eat frozen food hardly ever.  However, this wasn't a super terrible choice, the sodium isn't that high (I don't get very much sodium in my diet anyway)  and I definitely don't have frozen prepared foods regularly.

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