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Thursday, December 19, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Bootcamp!

Do you see number 1?? 12 times.  Core. Burning. Awesomeness.
Needless to say, everyone was exhausted by the end. Its a workout that sneaks up on you by the end of it.

I taught two classes yesterday using this format. I had "warned" my regular bootcamp class last week that this one was coming. When I was asked to sub an athletic conditioning class yesterday evening I was so excited to do it again. I usually do not double up on classes, but this one is a great workout and a really fun theme so I repeated it.

So after doing that second class, then I had one last class to teach. A Glutes and Abs class.  I had a great time teaching it, showing a bunch of newbies kettlebell exercises. I teach classes mainly in the mornings so many of the participants had never been to my kettlebell classes.

I totaled it up as I was walking to my car and realized I did 25 minutes of planks!!! I had not considered that before, but it was great. I was so proud of my class participants and myself for doing such a great job!!!

Thanks to everyone who takes my classes, yall rock!! I especially love that a few of my morning folks came out to the evening classes I subbed!! Thanks so much!!!

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