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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

1. A GPS Watch or heart rate monitor such as these:

Nike +
Garmin 10

2. Massage gift card

We runners love our massages as they not only help with relaxation but also for post-race recovery helping to loosen up and increase circulation and range of motion prior to races too!

3. Workout clothes!

Monogrammed running shorts: You know I'm a girl from the south and I live by the motto "if it's not movin' its monogrammed" so I think these are the cutest!!!

Some of my favorites:
CW-X Stabilyx capris: My knees are not the greatest so I love how these pants support my biomechanics to allow for better and longer runs!
Finished my OBX half marathon running the CW-X capris and loved them!

Long sleeved technical shirts….bonus points if the have "the thumb thing"  I love layering shirts for running, especially in Virginia where the weather can be kind of weird for the season.  Its also nice because even if I don't use "the thumb thing" it usually makes the sleeves longer, which for a tall girl like me, is always hard to find! 

I LOVE my foam roller, although I am not as religious about using it every day like I should.  Foam rollers work to break up adhesions through a technique called Self Myofacial Release.  

5. RoadID

This is an amazing gift of security and piece of mind for your favorite runner.  There are several styles you can buy and they are well worth the money!! You can see my previous post on mine, here

6. Race Entry

And if Santa is really feeling generous, race entries are awesome gifts too!!!  I think the Rock N Roll Tour Pass would be amazing!!! 

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