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Monday, January 18, 2016

Cycle fun!

Last weekend I taught another cycle conditioning class for a coworker and thought I'd share the workout. This would be a great way to cross train from your running, especially in the off season. There is more focus here on stability and lateral exercises since both cycle and running lack those directional movements. 

This morning we braved the 20 degree temps to make it out of the house in time for a 6:30am Cycle class I was subbing. 

I'm over 34 weeks pregnant now and so amazed with how great I am feeling. I know not everyone is able to exercise this far into their pregnancies and I'm so thankful that I can continue staying active. (Don't worry, I listen very carefully to my body and how I'm feeling and modify things if I need to!!)

Baby girl is getting bigger and bigger!!! I'm so excited to meet her next month!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day! I hope whatever you do today keeps you moving forward! 

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