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Monday, April 6, 2015

Low maintenance playground workout

I had a short break in between classes today so I did a quick run to a local park. Initially I was just a going to go for a walk since I forgot my garmin gps, heart rate monitor, my Road ID, and earphones but once I got outside I decided to have an "unplugged" run. Of course I still had my phone for safety purposes though.  It was so nice to have a low maintenance workout!!

Here are a few exercises I did using a park bench. 

Step ups (forgot to take the picture at the park)

Lunges (back leg on bench)

Push ups

Variation: lift one leg slightly for a set of 10-12, rest them do another set with the other leg lifted. Keep the core tight and belly button pulled in. 

Tricep dips

Planks (or use this position for the push-ups to make them harder) 

Variation: lift one leg slightly without shifting position. Alternate the leg lift. 

Then I ran back to the gym to teach a core class before the rest of my busy day. 

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