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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to be pretty...

Step one: you already are in so many ways. 

I really like this quote I found this evening. I've been working with a great group of ladies on Tuesday evenings in a class teaching them all things fitness. It's been a goal to not only empower them to have the confidence to apply their new knowledge to improve their health but also to encourage them and support them in gaining confidence in themselves. They are brilliant women and I hope they realize how much they have to offer the world professionally and personally. I can't say enough how much I've enjoyed working with this group over the past four months! 

Step Two:
Help those around you. Build community over competition. Build each other UP because we all know there's more than enough going on in the world to tear us down. How much stronger are we standing together, learning together, praying together, working together? Think about your co workers, your classmates, your running buddy--what can be accomplished through networking and connecting, building relationships instead of competition. Though as a collegiate athlete I am very competitive and I do know the positive role that competition can play, I also see some destructive veins in work place competition and in the fitness world. At the end of the day we all want to be healthier, better versions of ourselves. 

The rest of my day:
 I taught my Kettlebell class early this morning, then trained five clients before grabbing a quick lunch and heading to my continuing education Kettlebell training.  Three hours (3!) later we emerged refreshed with some new ideas and a little more tired than when we went in. =)

I headed to the grocery store and then to teach my last class of the day. The husband wasn't feeling well today so when I got home I had a very energetic Labrador Retriever ready to go for a walk. We strolled/pranced down to the lake and enjoyed the great weather before heading back to home. 

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