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Monday, April 20, 2015

Exercise IS Medicine!

Received great news in the mail this evening! I now have the Exercise is Medicine Credential through American College of Sports Medicine. 

"The Exercise is Medicine® Credential

In 2007, ACSM's Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) campaign was initiated to promote exercise as a health strategy for the general public and to promote a collaboration between health care providers and exercise professionals. The EIM initiative now includes a credential program that will provide exercise professionals with the opportunity to work closely with the medical community and provide numerous additional benefits to the certified professional."


This is a wonderful collaboration to finally have between the medical and fitness industries. The EIM ( campaign stared many years ago and had already made great strides in promoting healthier lifestyles. I'm so glad to be even more of a part of it now! 

The rest of my day: 

Taught Athletic Conditioning, Kettlebells, and Core, then took to my favorite path to squeeze in some miles before my next two classes and clients. 

Its such a gorgeous trail and I'm always amazed by its beauty no matter the season! 
One of my favorite parts of running this trail as I get to have time in nature. Its a great time to think and clear my head and to pray for things that are on my mind. Today I lifted up one of my coworkers who  had her last final exam for college today, for one of my clients who had to put down her beloved cat last week, and a college roommate's daughter who is battling the effects of a seizure disorder.

I try not to take it for granted how blessed I am with the ability to run and have this time with God. Today, of course, was the Boston Marathon and if you haven't see the clip of Rebekah Gregory crossing the finish line you can find it below. She lost her leg from injuries sustained in the bombing there two years ago. Incredibly inspiring!

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