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Friday, March 20, 2015

Week recap

Whew it's been a very busy week!!! I started the week with a gorgeous sunrise Monday morning for Kettlebell class. 

We took Georgia in a hike and let her go for the first swim of the year in the lake. She had a blast! 

I've been working in a special project since November creating an exercise program for the county school bus drivers. We were supposed to present in January but has to postpone until February. The february meetings were rescheduled due to snow so we FINALLY  were able to roll out the new program this week. We had three separate meetings in three parts of the county to reach all of the pupil transportation department. 

The Health, Safety and Wellness Coordinator for the county had approached me in the fall to develop the program for them.  I had a great time designing the workout around the specialized needs of these employees. I'm so glad we we're finally able to get together so I could present the program to them. All of the drivers received a resistance band, bag and program to keep together in the bus and be able to use when they have downtime. 

And St Particks day week wouldn't be complete without a little trip to sweet frog for mint frozen yogurt!!! 

How was your week??

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