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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Workouts this week

We had a busy weekend here!  I volunteered at a local triathlon this weekend which was great to get out and about as well as learn more about how Triathlons are run.  I'd love to do a sprint triathlon soon and would really love to do a relay with friends!  

Saturday I was fortunate that baby girl slept in the jogging stroller and allowed me to go for a run!  It was awesome to get back out there again. I didnt use a GPS but mapped it afterwards. I thought I had only done like 3 but turns out it was over 5!

Monday I walked with friends on my favorite trail.  It was so beautiful out there and so nice to spend time with friends! You really need that as a new mom, it can get lonely!!  We walked 4.25 miles and it was such nice weather!!
This morning I tried the jogging stroller again and it was successful again! 4 miles in the humidity but it was great! 

I didnt realize that many triathlons have relays so you divide up the legs with friends.  I would LOVE to do that and am hoping to do that or one on my own in the next year.

This weeks challenge for my clients and readers: 

Go for a ten minute walk during lunch one day this week.  Write down how you felt afterwards! 


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