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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Triple Crown Workout and Thoughts

In case you missed it yesterday, history was made.  For the first time in my lifetime, a horse won the Triple Crown!  Many had been doubting (maybe including me?) whether it would happen ever again since the fields have been getting so tough. I am thrilled that it happened.  I have liked American Pharoah since the beginning.    

As you may know, I have a huge passion for ex racehorses.  While American Pharoah and some of the other horses who raced yesterday may have a life of ease, but for the thousands and thousands of others around the country (and world) its a much different story.  Many of the horses will break down (injuries that may be life threatening or career ending), many will be retired for being too slow.  Unfortunately, many of those horses were sent to slaughter houses throughout the US (and now in Mexico and Canada).  These horses are amazing athletes who give their all to their humans every day.  They work so hard and have so much to give its beyond heartbreaking that they are treated so horribly.  The treatment is terrible on the trailers and holding pens before they are sold to slaughter, the conditions are even worse on the long long road across the border.   The abuse and neglect is common and absolutely horrific.  My three horses, Chick, Connor and Lego were all racehorses and I was so happy to have gotten a chance to rescue and love them.  I cant describe the bond I shared with them.  You become teammates with them and they definitely know and show love.  

I have a love/hate relationship with racing. Its beautiful to watch these horses give their all, but knowing what happens to thousands of others is very hard. So check out some great organizations who are doing their best to change the future for these amazing animals.

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation
CANTER Mid-Atlantic
Re-run Thoroughbred Adoption
New Vocations Racehorse Adoption

In honor of American Pharoah's win I created a Triple Crown running workout.    

I tried out this workout this morning at the bunker playground trail.

I'll warn you, its pretty challenging. Take the walking options whenever you need to, or feel free to rest during the "timed" sections.  

It was pretty busy there this morning, lots of older folks were out for morning strolls.  I probably confused them by switching directions every three laps (which is better to reduce the torque on my knee from repeating the same turns over and over). Also make sure your heart rate has come down before you peform the abdominal workout. 

I'll leave you with some pictures of my beloveds:

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