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Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Wrap Up

It's Friday wrap up time here yall!! 

Wow what a week. I've been finishing up a project six months in the making. It's been a privilege to teach these amazing women in class. They've learned all types of groups exercise formats from cycle, Zumba, step, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates and TRX. To see their hard work and their end of program results has been incredible! They truly inspire me and I'm so BLESSED to have met them all! 

I've launched a brand new training class on Beginner Weight Training and we had our first meeting yesterday which went great!! I'm thrilled to be working with this group and we are going to learn so much. Each week will cover different equipment types and different program formats. Knowledge is power and learning how to equip yourself with workout tools will help you for a lifetime. 

I'm organizing a Kettlebell workshop to take place later this summer and a charity workout for later on this month. Stay tuned for more info!!

I spent some time in a Family and Consumer Sciences classroom and I found this amazing looking recipe on the wall. Have I mentioned my sweet tooth is strong yall? 

Learning to balance a full time career as a full time student has taken some getting used to and I'm still learning along the way. I'm really excited about all that I'm learning love my classes so far. My mom has been such a great role model to me throughout my life. She finished her bachelors degree while running a business full time and raising two very active children. 

Have any of you gone back to school after a hiatus or while working full time? What tips do you have? 

I'll leave you with a weekend inspired workout. It's a great one to add on to your current strength or cardio routine. Don't forget to warm up, then stretch and cool down afterward!! 

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