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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week Recap

Its been a very busy and very great week.  My best friend was in town so I was able to meet up with her and her precious baby girl to hang out at the orchard for a bit. 

I've updated my website since last May, so check it out! There are new personal training offerings, and a much more up-to-date group exercise schedule!

We were really busy getting ready for a cookout at our new home this past Sunday and I had tons of school work.  Thank goodness for such active jobs to keep my workouts on schedule!  I had off on Memorial Day so I was able to get a lot of school work done and hang out at the beach for a couple hours.  My husband's hockey season starts up again soon so he wanted to go for a run. I was thrilled to get to run with him.  It was a great, hilly, butt kicking run trying to keep up with his long stride! After we got back, I ran another mile with our lab, Georgia and then did the last one on my own.  It was great to get out on the roads, I haven't been running as consistently lately with training and teaching classes being so busy.  My next half marathon is in a couple of months though so I've really need to build that base up again.  Thanks to all of my cross training through Kettlebells, Athletic Conditioning classes and strength training its easy to pick right back up where I left off.

I also received my glasses this past week.  I have needed them for about 14 years now and have been procrastinating for that long! Its so nice having them now though!! Especially with school kicking in and doing so much reading, this will help with headaches significantly.

So what about you? What was your weekend like and what are your plans for the summer?

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