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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Active Friday

Friday was a super active day. I started out teaching Kettlebells and was happy to be feeling better and coughing a little less than earlier in the week. I then taught Stretch class and went to teach Core Conditioning. When I got home we took our dog for a hike at a local county park. 

Gorgeous views from the tip of the hill at the end of our hike. 

Perfect weather to hike, I even wore my new Montreal shirt from my sister since it was Boxing Day! 

After we got back, I went for a run and came back to cool down with some yoga. I found the pop sugar app doe my iPad so I used the post run yoga sequence. I was pretty impressed with the descriptions of the poses and guide for how to link them together. Georgia always comes over to hang out while I do yoga, silly girl. 

It's great to stay on track with my workouts even during the holidays. How did you do? 

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