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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

6/45 workout

 We took another nice walk in the woods today, a 1.6 mile loop close to our house so our pup gets the moderate exercise her arthritis requires. It's was another very nice day, though a bit chilly. 

I had a killer Kettlebell class this morning, a "Say good bye to 2014" theme. It was tons of fun (if you're into that sort of thing). We shredded 550 calories and we're off to a great start for the day. My boss at one of the gyms contacted me about a last minute sub for a cardio-strength class. I agreed to teach it and divided the class up into a cardio part and a strength part. I've included the cardio part below because it was so quick, fun to do and easy to set up. It's a great reminder that you don't have to have tons of cardio machines to get a great workout. 

So here it is!  If you don't have access to a bosu or step at home, you could substitute another exercise like mountain climbers or stair runs or jumping jacks or jump squats. 376 calories in 30 minutes (I forgot to turn my heart rate monitor on during the warm up so it only calculated the circuit part.) 

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