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Sunday, December 28, 2014

45 min cardio & Strength

I am so thankful for my husband. For numerous reasons really, but particularly that he is also so dedicated to his health and fitness. I work so might that some days when I finally get days off on weekends I just want. To. Sit. Down.

I was super active on Friday so I gave myself the day off yesterday. I had intended to go for a run today but the time got away from me and I took a nap after church. We took our dog for a quick 30min hike between watching football games. D announced he was going to grab a workout in before dinner so he left for the gym. It inspired me so I went to our community gym and worked out too.

I injured my shoulder in the late summer so it was nice to do a little back work with fairly light weights this evening. I stretched the cardio to 40 min because the cross fit games were on and that is pretty impressive. I got wrapped up watching so I got some extra calorie burn. :)

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