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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Workouts with baby

Workouts with baby have to be creative, flexible, fun and most of all, safe.

Here are some (admittedly not great quality) pics of my workout with my little one. The key is to have things you can do while holding your baby that will keep them entertained a bit and allows you to interact with them.  If your little one doesn't like being put down like mine then having lots of exercises you can do with them is so important. Some of you may have babies that are perfectly content in a swing, bouncy seat, on the floor etc so it will be way easier for you to find exercises you can do.  For high maintenance babies-you are a bit more limited but still have options!! I try not to get frustrated that Im not able to workout at the intensity, frequency, and level that I did before I had her, but I treasure the time we spend together and I know its temporary and fleeting.  Our bodies also benefit by getting some rest and when you've been an athlete your whole life and then a fitness professional its ok to give your body a break for a few months!! I have to remember this!

Anyway, here are the exercises I do when I can squeeze in a quick workout with her: 

Plank and push ups: Crank out 10-15 push ups followed by a 45 second plank 

Lunges and squats: 10-12 squats followed by 12 lunges both sides

Chest Press: 3x50

Russian Twist: 25 each side

Crunches: 4 x 25

Bridges: 4x 1 minute

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