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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A tired vegan mama

As a new mom I just love this quote. I think it applies fully to each time my baby gives me those adorable, heart filling toothless grins after an exhausting night of 1-2 hours of sleep.  

I'm thankful for my workouts for keeping me going! 

Here's a collage of two weeks, three weeks and one month post delivery: 
Life is definitely way more crazy with little one here but she's so darn cute!! 

After about a week and a half of her being incredibly fussy we took her to the doctor and received the evil Colic diagnosis. The doctor had a few suggestions for us such as Gerber Soothe Colic drops which we've been using and also for me to eliminate all milk products. As you probably know from is blog, im a lacto vegetarian so that means I'm now vegan! 
It wasn't part of my plan but if it helps little girl I'll do anything! So far it hasn't been so bad and the transition has been fairly smooth. I'm missing my Greek yogurt and sprinkling cheese on my fajitas but otherwise not too big of a deal. I already have been drinking almond milk for a couple years so that's not so bad. 

A few meals I've loved:

Minestrone soup from a local restaurant, Revolutionary Soup that a friend from church brought us-

Easter dinner cooked by my mom-

Couscous, black beans and tomato- super quick and easy to make!!

Another friend from church brought us fajitas-

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