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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Total Body Toning

Kettlebell class today couldn't have gone any better.  We focused on total body toning and complementary muscle groups (not all the exercises we did are listed, but these are some good ones!). I put together a great class with lots of fun elements that we don't do all the time and that are safe for my pregnant self to teach :)

While its most likely the last class for me before baby girl arrives, I cant help but already be sad that I'll be taking a break from teaching.  Im also nervous about getting out of shape before I come back to teach later in the spring! I love this class and all of my regulars have been so very supportive, I couldn't be more thankful for them!

Last night I was quite unmotivated to work out.  Yes, it even happens to us fitness professionals.  I had to do the 15 min trick, which worked like a charm. I told myself that I could do just 15 minutes and then be done.  I put on a tv show to distract myself, and brought a Runner's World magazine and my ipad just to try to keep me going! I told myself the benefits of what I was doing and how I was helping keep myself in shape for upcoming labor (just a couple weeks left!).  I was able to keep on going for 45 minutes thankfully! Once I finished my workout I stretched out while I finished my tv show.  I've really found stretching so much more rewarding during my pregnancy.

I redeemed a ton of points on my Fabletics account to snag some free gear that I love! I got this great headband and water bottle as well as a few pieces of clothing for post baby. I LOVE the headband and water bottle so much!

Now to relax and get some nesting done for the rest of the day!

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