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Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Holiday Challenge for YOU!

This week's workouts:

Sunday: 4.5 mile walk

Monday: 45 min run and 30 min elliptical

Tuesday: Kettlebells

Wednesday: 3 mile run, 1 mile walk

Thursday: 30 min elliptical

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 30 min elliptical

I had the routine gestational diabetes test this past Wednesday.  I had already planned on running with my best friend and then baking cookies with her and her daughter before I remembered that I had that test!  Luckily I was able to resist the cookies!  (at least until after the test was over!) The run was great, she brought her 2 year old daughter in the jogging stroller and I brought Georgia.  Georgia did so great running next to the stroller, she kept a perfect pace and distance.  My best friend's daughter did great in the stroller too! She looked so adorable all tucked in with a blanket and her mittens and hat. :)

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day spent with family. My sister and both my mom and step dad as well as my in laws came to visit.  Our first holiday in our new house was a perfect success! 

I had a special request for my mom's macaroni and cheese and besides that we had Turkey for the meat eaters, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce and rolls.  Its been a challenge to eat even normal size meals so I knew going into Thanksgiving dinner that I would only be able to eat a little bit.  Fortunately I have never been one to gorge myself at Thanksgiving so it wasn't a big deal to eat small amounts and save a bunch of calories.  Just because I am growing a human doesn't mean I have permission to eat lots and lots!! Healthy mama-healthy baby! 

One of my goals for the last couple months of my pregnancy is to continue being as active as possible.  Even though the days are getting shorter and colder I am trying to stick to at least 30 minutes of workouts 6 days per week.  

Do you need some accountability? Try challenging yourself for the next month to do at least 30 minutes per day 3-5x per week through January 1st! Its a great way to end the year off on a healthy note! 

Follow my facebook page and post your successes! I'd love to hear how your accountability challenge is going! 

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