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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New bars!

From living in a college town, most of the time when you hear excitement over new bars it pertains to the kind selling alcohol and the anticipated promise of a good night.  In the fitness industry, we get a little more excited about healthy stuff, whether its new exercises or workout tools, or food! 
I was in Fresh Market this morning and found two new bars I haven't seen before, each with 20g of protein in them.  The top one, Core Pro Bar, I tried today. 1/2 before my run and then 1/2 for my afternoon snack.  At 290 calories and 25g carbs it is a pretty good choice. The flavor was Cookie Dough, and though it definitely did not taste like cookie dough, it wasn't bad. I'll try the 2nd bar tomorrow and see how it goes! 

What about you? Have you tried any new health foods lately? What bars should I try? 

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